In 1995 I was wrongfully convicted
for a crime, I did not commit.
Today, I'm working to ensure justice is served.


Why Is This Important

In today's society, the flaws in the criminal justice system are being highlighted because of the routine and systematic injustice that is built into our legal structures that influence outcomes every minute of every day. These result in police brutality, wrongful convictions, biased proceedings, trampled rights, and unequal treatment. 

While under the knee of injustice for over 20 years for a crime he did not commit, Steven Hibbler has managed to stay focused, achieve goals, and keep peace in his life. He is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in sociology, building a non-profit named Steves Closet, a non-profit that provides clothing to families in need, and recently collaborated with The Yale School of Art.

"I   Express  My Repentance 

 By The Lives,      Strive To Save"

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"Through my writings, I have come to the realization that light does exist in the presence of a dark world."

After two in a half decades, there have been new developments in Steven Hibbler's case that brings about a renowned hope. 


We have now learned of newly exculpatory evidence that the prosecutor "intentionally" withheld from Steven's attorneys in a desperate effort to railroad Steven. The prosecutor who presided over Steven's trial had knowledge that the "Key Eye Witness" in his case had previously testified in the preliminary examination, to know the name of the person who actually shot and killed the victim.


During trial and appeals, Steven's attorneys requested "all" relevant documents pertaining to his case, but the prosecutor suppressed favorable evidence that could have proven Steven's innocence. 


Under Brady v Maryland, the United States Supreme Court made clear "that prosecutors must turn over all evidence that is favorable to the defendant, and material to issues of guilt or punishment." Equally important, the prosecutor had a moral and ethical responsibility according to the American Bar Association standards, Rule 3.8(h), "When a prosecutor knows of clear and convincing evidence establishing that a defendant in the prosecutor's jurisdiction was convicted of an offense that the defendant did not commit, the prosecutor shall seek to remedy the conviction."


Fortunately, this new information is currently being reviewed by the Michigan Attorney General's- Conviction Integrity Unit; who has the power to investigate and reverse this wrongful conviction. This is why Steven Hibbler needs your help to affirm his innocence.


After twenty-five years of wrongful imprisonment, he has become a published poet and an accomplished artist whose artwork has appeared in the October 2019 edition of The Harper's Magazine as well as several art exhibits and installations. Steven is a member of The Michigan Theory Group, an Inside Out Prison Exchange Program alumni group that trains professors and instructors from around the world in critical pedagogy. He is also a co-creator and facilitator of the Inside Out Theory Group's Restorative Justice curriculum and program. Over the years, Steven has developed the core belief that we are all interconnected as human beings and can change the world around us by doing one good deed at a time.


Steven Hibbler does not pose a threat to society, instead, he would be an asset to the larger community. He deserves immediate justice. Please don't turn your back on justice.

How You Can Help

Due to the constant conversation of prison reform, we have the opportunity to fight for Steven Hibbler and ensure he receives the justice he deserves. 

Step 1: Sign The Petition

We teamed up with DIY Roots Action to create a petition to call for justice for Steven Hibbler.

Click The Link To Sign The Petition

Step 2: Send An Email 

We drafted email templates to use when reaching out to government officials.

Download Email Templates Here

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Step 3: Make A Phone Call

We created a clear talk track that details what you should say on a call when calling government officials.

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Step 4: Spread The Word

Word of Mouth will forever be the best way to spread the word and keep people informed. Please continue to encourage others to: read Steven's story, sign the petition, send an email, and make a phone call. 


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I've had the pleasure of knowing Steve for a few years now. He is by far one of the most authentic, impassioned, and intelligent people I know. It is beyond a tragedy that he is still incarcerated and should be released immediately.

Dr. Tammy

There's to many maybe's here and it's said that one juror knows people associated with this case and at the very least a mistrial should of got called by the court and a new trial should of gotten ordered without delay to a fast and fair trial which I'm not seeing here today. Common Sense tells me these proceeding were Bias and unfair to the defendant.


No person should have their freedom taken when there is any doubt about the evidence. Institutions representing Justice need to be 100% sure that their decisions are based on unbiased truth. Steven Hibbler deserves to have his case reviewed now by your honorable court. Please review his case with recent evidence. Thank you.

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