The Justice System

Writers Block - Steven Hibbler

Through my writings, I have come to the realization that light does exist in the presence of a dark world. So I have decided to share myself with everyone else. Writer's Block has provided me with a space for self-expression and the opportunity to elevate my thinking. In addition, the love of my mother, my sister and the rest of my family are my inspiration.

Hamtramck Free School is a rhizomatic educational project formed in 2013, consisting of curriculum generated by the community members who participate. In the Hamtramck Free School, “free” means both that the school is free of charge and that it is directed towards emancipation. At the Hamtramck Free School, community members identify learning goals, collectively plan courses, and teach and learn from each other

The Incarcerated Archive is a growing collection of writings and artworks from incarcerated people in the state of Michigan. This collection of material began at a poetry workshop called Writer’s Block. But, given the forced relocation of earlier members, inspired words from incarcerated people across the state began to accumulate. This archive reflects some of that work.

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